Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Värsta Schlagern

Du talar Svenska? Nej! - who cares! As long as you're fluent in the international language of pop you'll love this track.

Essentially a piss-take of all that's great about Swedish Schlager Pop. The lyrics of Värsta Schlagern take a swipe at the predictability and formulaic nature of Svenska Pop, well Melodifestivalen Schlager pop any how! - But that's what's so great about Swedish pop. You know you're guaranteed at least a key change, a Kikki "Ding-Ding" and an opportunity for a couple of hand claps and a few head turns! - Bring it on I say!

Linda Bengtzing is a Swedish Pop Princess who has entered at least two Melodifestivals. She is one of those performers who seems to be able to keep releasing the same song! She subtly changes the song name and the words but when you're singing along you often find you're sing along to another of her tracks. That said they're all totally Popplastic and we all love a bit of the Bengtzing. As for Markoolio I haven't a clue who he is!

This particular version is from a live performance on the Swedish Lotto show (Warning Linda isn't known for her live performance skills!) Watch and see how many Melodifestival Schlager hits you pick out!

Linda Bengtzing & Markoolio - Värsta Schlagern (Bingolotto)

Värsta Schlagern - The lyrics:

It starts good, almost interesting
Yeah, yeah, but perhaps a bit familiar
We’re building up for the bridge, my friend
But it’s not coming quite yet
Because we have half a verse left to do
A repetition one is used to do
We’re building up for the bridge again
And here it is, finally!
The excitement is rising for the point of the song
A really catchy chorus!
And there is love and there are winds
There are eyes and they’re sparkling
And lots of other tired old clichés
Which says everything and nothing
And there are stars and they’re on fire
There’s the world and it’s fading
And the title shall sit as a punch in the stomach
Oh what a schlager!
Now it’s getting hard to come up with
Something new to say, but whatever
This is just transport anyway
Which people will forget
Because what’s rewarded with 12 points
Is a really catchy chorus
Rpt chorus
And if you don’t want to mess up your chances of winning
You’ll steal something from ABBA and see the risk vanishing
So now everyone – hold onto your hats
Here’s the key change at last!

This version is quite amusing. Someone's obviously a bit handy at cut and pasting on Youtube. We like the way they pasted all the old Melodifestival clips in to the relevant bits - Kikki's in there with her Ding-Dings! Oh to be Swedish!

and here's the comedy version . . .

Note the subtle use of the wind machine (very Carola!)

Linda Bengtzing & Markoolio - Värsta Schlagern

and that was only on half the power Carola normally uses . . .

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