Saturday, March 17, 2007


Scooch to fly the flag for the UK in Helsinki!

Scooch reigned victorious in the final of "Making Your Mind Up" 2007. Scooch will represent the UK at this years Eurovision Song Contest on May 12th in Helsinki with their popplastic new song - "Flying the Flag" (loving those lyrics - very naughty!). Get the lyrics from the melodimen.

The high-light of this years show had to be celebrity panel member Mel Giedroyc (from Mel & Sue). Mel stole the show and impressed us with her euro-vis knowledge at one point taking us back to Yugoslavia and 1984. A further high-light was the invention of the BBC's all new international opinion panel consisting of representatives from various EBU nations. Popplastics favourite international panel member had to be the Ukrainian - How posh was she? (yes, I'm from the UK!, what! the Ukraine, NO! - heaven forbid!).

Six acts (if you can count Brian and Liz - yawn!) became two acts as favourites Hawkins and Brown were voted out in the first round of voting along with Liz McClarnon, Big Brovaz and Brain Harvey.

Scooch and Cyndi (Cyndi Almouzni) went head to head in the all new BBC super final! (after a spot of Casualty). Tension was in the air as the two acts performed once again. Both gave it everything but only one could win, but who was it to be!

Gone were the BBC regional juries and with them went the predictability of who was winning and who would ultimately win. Their replacement came in the form of the sing-off and sudden-death . . .

The nation stopped, breaths were held as Terry proclaimed:

The winner is . . . . . . Cyndi, he got it wrong, how could he OFF WITH HIS HEAD! Poor Cyndi looked on is amazement as it was proclaimed that, No - Scooch were the winners!

Wogan's shambolic Eurovision announcement!

Anyway here's the song . . .

Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You) UK Eurovision Entry

We're flying the flag all over the world, flying the flag for you . . .

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