Thursday, March 22, 2007


Sweden - the land of pop brings you . . . Pop with a bus pass!

Is there nothing those Swedes can't turn there hands to! First we brought you football songs with a key change, then came rap with a chorus, now we are delighted to bring to you OAP Pop!!!

With no hope of ever getting that illusive full-house at the bingo these three old dears decided to trade in their jumbo bingo marker pens for the microphone and set their sights on pop stardom.

C'est la vie by Ann-Louise Hanson, Towa Carson and Siw Malmkvist is another Swedish boom bang-a-bang of a track. It comes complete with the usual array of Swedish ingredients including, key changes, glitter and OAP high kicks!

C'est la vie - Ann-Louise Hanson, Towa Carson & Siw Malmkvist

I'm off to the bingo, where did I put that bus pass (where was I going?) . .

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Orshazmatron said...

hoi! enough about turnip coffin dodgers, where's my Angelo (They knew it wasn't wrong
They found a love so strong
They took their lives that night
And in the morning light
They found them on the sand
They saw them lying there, hand in hand) blog you lyin' doity rat!!!