Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Could it be Latvia 2008?

Forget Madrid, Geneva, Copenhagen, and Ljubljana apparently the smart money's going to be on Riga 2008! The Latvian Eurovision entry is "Questa Notte" and is sung by a 6 piece tenor group. It's a kind of El Divo meets . . . erm, a very big group. They just keep on coming. I thought there was going to be two, then three, four, five but no there's six of them.

It's a great song - very rousing! Though I can't help but think they're singing about "5-a-day" - Maybe they're trying to get us to eat more fruit and Veg!

Eurovision 2007 Latvia (Winner) -Bonaparti.lv - Questa notte

Don't forget your Five a day!

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