Saturday, March 17, 2007


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Pop's thicker than water!

Popplastic pull back from the brink. In a dramatic u-turn Popplastic announce that we will after all be supporting Scooch at "Making Your Mind Up" (MYMU) 2007.

We said the song wasn't good enough!

We said after 6 years they could have done better!

We said we'd be supporting Hawkins and Brown or Cyndi! (such decisiveness is to be admired)

but in the end talk is cheap . . .

and when the chips are down in the last chance saloon you have to back your own, and in the words of Peggy Mitchell (We're Mitchells and Mitchells stick together...) So keep it in the Pop family and vote Scooch for MYMU 2007!!!

Check out Scooch on myspace or the website.

Scooch - Flying The Flag

Popplastic! - Proud to be flying the flag for Scooch (or maybe Cyndi, or H&B) . . .

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