Thursday, March 29, 2007


Scooch - A plastic fantastic pop group! One of the finest groups in pop history. Fabulous songs, dance routines, key changes and they've even been known to sample Juliet Bravo!

Popplastic love Scooch!

Scooch burst on to the UK pop scene at the height of the late 90's bubblegum pop era - Fantastic pop songs complete with easy to learn dance routines!

The foursome (Natalie Powers, Caroline Barnes, David Ducasse, and Russ Spencer) formed in 1999 after attending auditions for an "all-singing, all-dancing pop group". The group was put together by legendary pop songwriters/producers Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, and Steve Crosby (future manager and the man behind Steps) and were signed to Accolade.

Their resulting debut single "When My Baby" charted at number 29. Following this the group went on tour, supporting B*Witched. Their second pop-tastic single "More Than I Needed To Know" charted at number 5, and was released globally reaching number 1 in Japan! Scooch then went on tour again this time supporting Boyband Five before releasing their third single "The Best Is Yet To Come" (another poptacular hit) which charted at number 12. Scooch's fourth and final single (or was it?) "For Sure" reached number 15 and was followed by their album - "Four Sure" which peaked just outside the UK Top 40. Surely making it one of the most under appreciated albums in the history of Pop.

THE END . . .

Or so we all thought - but to the delight of Scooch fans around the world the group announced they were reforming and would be entering their new song, Flying the Flag in Making Your Mind Up 2007. The song cruised to victory (at around 25,000 feet) and subsequently Scooch will be representing the UK at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki on May the 12th.

Scooch are back - Now that is music to my heart!

and so is this . . .

Scooch - More Than I Needed to Know

Scooch - The Best is Yet to Come

Pop just doesn't get any better!

The group's name 'Scooch' comes from a term used to ask someone to move up or along a bench or sofa - Well I never . . .

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