Friday, March 16, 2007


Spain chose Nash for Eurovision 2007!

First we said prepare for Geneva 2008, then we said Ljubljana (where?) 2008, but put those tickets on hold - Could it be Madrid 2008?

Misión Eurovisión (the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest preselection programme) more like Mission Impossible! - After what seemed like 1000's of songs, and even more variations, with each and every contestant having a go at singing each and every song plus countless siestas the Spaniards final chose their song! A selection process so complicated we had to fly in (at great expense) the girls from B*Witched to provide some clarity on the Spanish conundrum. When that failed we decided instead to cut and paste the ESCtoday explanation of the process: "Misión Eurovisión, the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest preselection. Five candidates each sang five entries yielding 25 combinations of song and singer. The top five performances selected from the 25 combinations competed in a super final". There's nothing like a good Super Final!!! (How simple could it be?)

Finally the boy band Nash was selected to bring the song "I love you mi vida" (by Thomas G:son) to Helsinki.

Spain 2007 Nash - I Love You Mi Vida

The highlight of the whole process had to be the presenter Paula Vázquez (as seen in the above clip). It seemed as if she never stopped speaking. It was like a form of verbal assault!

Here's the excitable Paula in action once again, she doesn't even stop to come up for air! I haven't a clue what she is saying but I could watch her for hours . . .

Paula Vázquez

Obviously we are now all huge fans of Nash (CD on repeat) here at Popplastic Towers and we think they deliver a fantastic performance of "I love you mi vida" but we can't help but think that Spain could have done better (sorry boys). It's true! - of the five possible permutations (is this maths or Eurovision) of the same song "I love you mi vida" Spain could have chosen Rebeca's version. Rebeca Pous Del Toro (never one to stand still) would have blown away the competition with her hip gyrations and guaranteed victory for Spain.

Rebeca - I love you mi vida (Eurovision España Spain 2007)

We love you Rebeca ahy ahy ahy ahy ahy yea . . .

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Poster Girl said...

Weird! I just wrote about Nash today, too. I love the demo version of "I Love You Mi Vida" with Rebeca singing--it's racked up far more plays on my iPod than Nash's version, though I do quite like them (love their album--who knew it would be so good?).