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Daz Sampson takes time out to talk exclusively to Popplastic about Making Your Mind Up, Eurovision, his plans for the future and Greek sailors!!!

Hi Daz! And welcome to Popplastic Towers!

PP: First of all I have to ask you - What did you learn at school today?

DS: Not a lot... I got my education at the school of life..oh and off a sailor in the port of Athens!

PP: Aye-Aye Sailor! and what did you learn from him?

DS: He has a different friend in every town!

PP: Don't we all - Any port in a storm!

PP: What have you been up to since Eurovision last year? Have you got any projects in the pipeline?

DS: Since Eurovison last year I have set up my own label via The Ministry of sound, I have written the 2nd Uniting Nations album.... I also spent a few months contemplating going back into MYMU... but after a few meetings with the BBC it was thought to be better to leave it for a year.

PP: Your enthusiasm shone through at last years contest. Have you always been a Eurovision fan? What was it that kick started your interest? What’s it like being the token straight!

DS: Token straight I don't agree with that.... I embraced everybody in Athens... I mixed with all the euro fans, I didn't pretend I was some big star.... I was one of the chaps out there, and no one felt it more than me when the voting started to go tits up.

PP: What would you say was your favourite Eurovision song of all time? (You’re not aloud to choose Teenage Life!)

DS: Well because I was there the memory of the Anna Vissi record and Carola's Invincible will stay with me forever... I don't know why but those two record have just touched me in some way... and I cant explain why... I suppose every time I hear them it reminds me of what I actually did... I was an unknown who became the darling of the British Nation (for 5 mins) and it meant something to me more than words can say... I tell you on the stage that night as that black board revolved I thought of everyone back home cheering me on, and how I had sat though 20 previous Eurovisions at home cheering on the UK entry and here I was ... there doing it... amazing.

PP: We loved Anna V and Carola, you don't need to explain - classics!

PP: What do you think of this years UK entry - Is it a winner? Hit, miss or maybe?

DS: OK I think the song is poo beyond belief... However I admire Scooch as they reformed for the purpose of getting to Eurovison and they won against some bigger names... so fair play to them... I really don't know what will happen... For me it could be a Jemini moment, I hope not... but it will be nice to see how someone else does, as everyone thinks they can do better than the previous year... so lets see if they can ... as a UK fan I wish them well.

PP: Was it your favourite song from MYMU this year or did you have another?

DS: I liked the Hawkins Brown song... as it reminded me of something Moldova would send, and personally I feel that would have got us the most votes.

PP: What do you make of all the infighting , back stabbing and bitching that followed this years MYMU?

DS: Well I have to say I thought the show wasn't as good as 2006, it seemed a bit flat for me, and I didn't agree with this X Factor style re-opening the phone lines rubbish... you should sing your song and open voting then announce a winner.

PP: Very diplomatic Daz!

PP: What was the rivalry like last year? There must have been some bitching! Spill the beans!!!

DS: No last year it was all fine.

PP: Oh go on make something up!

PP: How was the whole Athens experience for you? Any highlights!

DS: Athens from start to finish was the best week of my life... I would not change a single thing about what I did... apart from the result... I'm sure anyone would agree, me and the girls put in a performance of a lifetime, and anyone in the hall could hear that we went down well.

For me I still get a lump in my throat thinking about it... I can't watch it back as it's just to emotional for me, now that may sound silly from a straight talking loudmouth like me, but its the truth, I'm so proud of the girls and the way we nailed it on the night.

PP: So were we!

PP: We loved Teenage Life last year - It was a fabulous performance! Rumour has it you’re doing a Carola and going for the double - MYMU 2008! Have you put pen to paper yet? What can we expect? Any key changes? A wind machine?

DS: Yes I definitely want to return, I have 3 songs, 2 are key change ballads or urban typers and one is the craziest novelty track in the world... and I will see how this year goes before I decide which one to enter, as for me I think this years Scooch entry might see the UK say NO to novelty next year, and opt for something more serious.

PP: Finally before you go - What’s your favourite music site - your top pop shop?

DS: I know one thing without POPPLASTIC'S support I wont make it to next year, I thank it for its very existence!

Thanks Daz - Hope to see you back a gain next year!

Our 12 points go to Daz Sampson and Teenage Life . . .

Daz Sampson - Teenage Life

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Poster Girl said...

Ooo, an exclusive! Great interview!

Jamie said...

Well done on the interview. I once sat on a train from Birmingham behind Daz wondering whether to say 'hi' or not. I was hung over though so didn't want to appear like a complete down and out.