Thursday, March 15, 2007


Not all Pop is good Pop!

If you want to appreciate good pop you've got to experience bad pop - Pop from the Dark-Side! (As featured on The World Of Chig.)

In this case it's pop from Croatia's Dora (Croatia's answer to Making Your Mind Up). This "truly remarkable" offering really is a . . . a . . .(I'm lost for words). Nema šanse, šećeru, or "No Chance Sugar" is brought to us by none other than everyones favourite Croatian super group "Trio Fantasticus"! Fantasticus! - have they got delusions or what!

That said, it can't be denied that Trio Fantasticus deliver 3 minutes 13 seconds of pure pop joy - and she does have a bit of the Anne "eheheh eh" (Little Britain)about her! She certainly looks like she's enjoying herself (I'm starting to find it disturbingly catchy, should I be worried?). Not so much "Care in the Community" but "Pop in the Community". Needless to say Trio Fantasticus didn't make it through to represent Croatia in Helsinki.

Trio Fantasticus - Nema šanse, šećeru

No chance sugar, well I didn't want to say but . . .

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