Saturday, March 31, 2007


Pandora who?

Popplastic - Go to your room - and shame on you! How could we have over looked Pandora for so long, she is Swedish after all, she should be on the Popplastic ipod!

Pandora it turns out is another mega Swedish pop star. With over 5 million cd´s sold worldwide and 19 different gold and platinum album awards. Pandora is one of the best selling artist in Sweden. She´s Universal's "best selling abroad artist" in Japan! Her song Tell the world was number 1 for six months on ZIP FM in Nagoya! In Australia in 1999 her song "A little bit" sold over 70.000 copies and resulted in a 17 gig tour. Kylie Minogue's "On a Night Like This" was not only a massive hit for Pandora but it was also written by Pandora. In 2003 Pandora competed in Swedens Melodifestival with the song "You" written by none other than Miss Shirley Clamp! If that isn't enough she's also covered ABBA's "One of Us" and has a Barbie Doll named after her!

That's who Pandora is!

Pandora - One of Us

This one's a bit more glow stick and a whistle . . .

Pandora - Don´t You Know

Check Pandora out on her myspace or at her website.

Pandora's music might be a bit "glow sticks and a whistle" but Popplastic just can't get enough of Pandora . . .


Anonymous said...

Pandora did NOT write "On A Night Like This". And she did not have a barbie doll named after her. It was a fanmade doll!

popplastic said...

Touchy, touchy! I obviously have unreliable sources. She's still fab!