Monday, March 5, 2007


Is it OK to like rap? - Do I need re-hab!

To the P, to the O, to the P, hey it's catching - it's raptastic!

First we brought you Swedish football songs and now we bring you Svenska Rap! Life on the edge!!!

Just as I was about to sign on the dotted line and book myself in for some re-hab pop-hab at the Priory I realised it's ok to like rap just so long as it's Swedish! This is another classic Melodifestivalen track this time from 2005 (ok the cd, studio version sounds better) but it's a great song it even has a catchy chorus - unheard of in rap. I don't know anything about B-Boys International feat. Paul M (or him) and I don't suppose I'd like any of their other music but this is a popplastic raptastic track - I even have it on my i-pod. Rap on my i-pod - Shame on Me!

Does that make me the real Slim Shady . . .

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