Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Now for something that's not MYMU!

Who remembers "The Twins" - I don't! but Oh My God! I heard them on Popplastic's official radio station (yes - Radio Skonto) and now I just can't get enough of those Twins (well that song at least). They're great!

The Twins (Ronny Schreinzer and Sven Dohrow) were an 80's German Synthpop group from Berlin (with their own particular flair for fashion). Among their other hits were "Ballet Dancer" and . . . erm, answers on a postcard please!

Love the video! The two boys obviously just can't get enough of her Hop-Scotch (whilst eating an ice-cream) technique! She's such a tease. They even manage to get the word "chicken-feed" into the lyrics.

Popplastic's top Twins hit has to be "Not The Loving Kind" . . .

The Twins - Not The Loving Kind

Something tells me the girl in the video really didn't have anything to be worried about . . .


Anonymous said...

Besides the video isn't working anymore, agreed. But I got the full monty being a German and enjoyed the 80s there. :-D

You might also want to catch up with Boytronic, another German band (from Hamburg I believe).

Anonymous said...

not the loving kind is not the only nice "twins-song"...

THE TWINS are great and you have only to search a little bit more (gor those who are interested in this kind of music)

Anonymous said...

"not the loving kind" is not the only nice song by 'the twins'

THE TWINS have many great sons and you just have to search a little bit more (for those who are interested in that kind of music)