Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Gareth Gates is back!

Yes after 3 years in the wilderness of pop, Gareth has announced that he is ready to make his come-back. Pop Idol runner up Gareth Gates was dropped by his record company after poor sales of his second album. Gareth’s return to Pop will be secured with the April 9 release of his new track ‘Changes’, (not "19 Minutes" as a lot of people had assumed) taken from his new album ‘Pictures of the Other Side’.

Speaking about the forthcoming release and his new sound Gareth said:
"I feel so privileged to be doing what I'm doing and to be given another chance after being dropped"
“I know some people might just hear my name and throw the CD out of the nearest window, but I hope they give it a chance and judge it on hearing it, not on pre-conceptions,”
He went on to say "it's a song that is very personal to me, summing up the last few years, about losing relationships and gaining others, it's emotional, but therapeutic."

It has been reported that Gareth has tried to shake of his trashy pop, cheesy cover versions image and has developed a more mature style along with a new sound - NO!!! - That's what was so great about Gareth, if it's not broken . . .

Here's the new Gareth, changes and all!

Gareth Gates - Changes

Bring back the Gareth of old! Who said change is a good thing? Popplastic's top two Gareth hits have to be "Anyone of us" and "Say it isn't so" - Classic Gates!

Gareth Gates - Anyone of us

Gareth Gates - Say it isn't so

Gareth welcome back!

A new Gareth - Say it isn't so . . .

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Poster Girl said...

This statement worried me, too:

"People think of my speech and the cheesy pop and think I'm not credible."

It's never a good sign when 1.) artists start dissing their past (amazing) work and 2.) start being concerned about credibility. It's really strange, too, because some of the early album demos were pretty poppy.

I'm hoping there's going to be hidden gems on the album--given what, say, "Incomplete" and "Just Want You To Know" sound like, I would've never expected something like (of course) "Poster Girl" on the latest Backstreet Boys album.