Monday, March 19, 2007


She might not have won on the night but Cyndi delivered an awesome performance at the final of Making Your Mind Up with her haunting ballad "I'll Leave My Heart".

Cyndi was quite possibly the best chance the UK has had in many a year. With her outstanding voice and stirring ballad she would have stood out in Helsinki and may well have gone all the way - reclaiming the title for the UK! She would at the very least have come top three restoring the UK's pop-utation!

Cyndi Almouzni (22) originally from Marseille in the south of France came to "Making Your Mind Up" looking to restore some British pride with her power ballad - "I'll Leave My Heart". Cyndi - You did us proud!!!

Cyndi - I'll Leave My Heart | Making Your Mind Up 2007

Vive la Cyndi . . .

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