Saturday, March 17, 2007


Don't let your indecision take you from behind . . .

It's make your mind up time tonight! (BBC1 - 7:30) Who's it to be, The Big Brovaz, Brian Harvey, Hawkins & Brown, Cyndi, Liz McClarnon or Scooch! What a choice - "ooh monsieur, with these songs, you are really spoiling us"! Not!

Ecstatic though we undoubtedly were to hear of the return of Scooch the song itself left us feeling that the best is yet to come! Much as though we love the Scooch song and all its double-entendres it might be that there's a better song in the pack (shame on Popplastic, 50 years hard labour for crimes against Scooch!) Ashamed, though we are to say it, we think Hawkins & Brown or Cyndi stand a better chance of reclaiming the title! Popplastic's money is on Hawkins & Brown.

Listen to the clips at the BBC online.

At such times of Making Your Mind Up quality pop drought it's always comforting to know that you can wind the clock back to 1980 (Song for Europe)and dip into a bit of Duke and the Aces and "Love is Alive" to re-charge your pop batteries and re-affirm your faith in Pop.

Duke & The Aces - "Love Is Alive"

Ah 1980 - What a year!

Or there's always Deuce from 1995 (Song for Europe) with "I Need You".

Deuce - I Need You

But unfortunately you can't vote for either of those . . .

So it's make your mind up time . . .

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