Saturday, March 24, 2007


Mmmmm I like this trophy!

Alenka Gotar with her fabulous song "Cvet z Juga" is a Popplastic tip for the top (see earlier post). Popplastic think she stands a great chance of winning in Helsinki with this rhythmic operatic ballad. We've said it before and we'll say it again this song's got it all - a hint of the Godfather, wind machines and some white chairs nicked from the local café. What more do you need to win Eurovision?

The official video's been released!!! Check it out . . .

Alenka Gotar - Cvet z juga (official video)

We do love a good studio version here at PP Towers!

What an opera-tunity for Alenka . . .

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Adrian said...

Wahey, Alenka. She's a game girl!

I was going to write about the topless hunk, but he seems to be bottomless as well.

I'd like Slovenia to be the first of the Balkans to win Eurovision, they seem to put so much into it, bless them.

Ljubljana 2008!