Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Another Popplastic hit from 1991 - Compliments of Radio Skonto!

Army Of Lovers were a Swedish pop group from the late 80's and 90's. The group were famed for their controversial music videos (some of which were banned by MTV). Alexander Bard (of BWO fame) was the brains behind the band and Jean-Pierre Barda was the lead vocalist on many of the groups hits.

The group had over 20 hits (across Europe), the biggest being Crucified",
"Obsession" and "Sexual Revolution". They released five albums and made over 20 high-camp music videos. After breaking up in 1996 the group briefly reformed in 2000.

Army Of Lovers later earned widespread iconic status in gay culture - How very dare you!

Obsession was Popplastic's all time favourite Army of Lovers track. One of those songs that you heard at the time, thought it was amazing but never knew who it was by - well now you do!

The video's a bit of a weird one . . .

Army of Lovers - Obsession

but banning it seems a little excessive . . .

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Jamie said...

BWO of course recently covered 'Obsession' on their Halcyon Days album.

Army of Lovers will forever remain dear to my heart. Jean Pierre, Alexander, Camilla, Dominika and Michaela we salute you!