Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Slovenia's opera-tunity to win Eurovision 2007!

Now I know we said prepare yourselves for Geneva 2008 (Eurovision Song Contest) and that DJ Bobo had it in the bag for Switzerland with "Vampires are Alive" , but oh my God! He's got competition! Yes every ones favourite Slovene (not the ones on Doctor Who), yes her - Alenka Gotar (who?). Alenka Gotar is representing Slovenia in Helsinki for this years Eurovision Song Contest, and there's nothing quite like a shrieking operatic diva when it comes to those votes.

And what a song it is! It's got it all, a hint of the Godfather, wind machines and some white chairs nicked from the local café. So put those Geneva tickets on hold you might be of to . . . erm, let me google it, yea Ljubljana (I knew that!).

Stick with it, it's a grower!

Slovenia - Alenka Gotar - Cvet z juga

She could break glass . . .

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