Saturday, December 1, 2007


After last weeks amazing performance of Christina Aguilera's Hurt, we're really loving "Hope" here at Popplastic!

Hope are, Phoebe Brown, 16, Charlie Mole, 23, Emily Biggs, 17, Raquelle Gracie, 20, and Leah Lauder, 20.

The girls apparently caused chaos last week by changing songs and sacking their stylists.

The girls have reportedley even been rowing among themselves because 16-year-old Phoebe is getting to sing all the lead vocals. A Popplastic source said: "Some of the band have nicknamed themselves Phoebe and the Woo Woo Girls because they just make noises in the background". They have also ignored the stylists' attempts to help them and will be dressing themselves for the live shows.

What divas they are!

Hope - Hurt

We love Phoebe and the Woo Woo Girls . . .

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