Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Popplastic are giving up the Top 40 - ad music is so much better!

Sony's "Walkman Project" premiered in the UK on October 29 2007. Sony has created the first ever "monophonic" ad to mark the launch of the latest generation of WALKMAN digital media players - titled "Music Pieces".

"Music Pieces" brings a musical experience like no other to television screens, by taking an original piece of music composed by Hollywood music director Peter Raeburn and deconstructing it to give 128 musicians just one note each to play in order to reconstruct the melody. Peter Raeburn also composed the music to the recent Smirnoff - Sea ad campaign.

Watch the Sony Walkman ad . . .

Walkman Project

Facts about Walkman Project ad:

3 day shoot, Alexandra Palace theatre, London
128 musicians
1 conductor
98 microphones (including 5 ambient room microphones)
52 DI’s (Direct Inject) for synths and guitars.
2 HD cameras
1 x 30 second take

Instruments list
32 drummers including:
8 Toms
8 Hi Hats/crash cymbals
8 Kick Drums
8 Snare Drums
8 Glockenspiels
1 Toy Glock
6 Kalimbas (thumb pianos)
16 High Synths
4 Bass Synths
4 Toy Pianos
1 Shofar
8 Tubas
4 Melodicas
8 Double Bass
32 Electric Guitars
4 Music boxes

Visit The Walkman project

Watch the making of The Walkman Project

Music like no other . . .

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