Friday, November 30, 2007


OMG! It's that time of year again - Junior Eurovision!

A truly horrific evening of shrieking child-singing, a real abomination. It's like the worst school concert ever!

That said it does provide amazing entertainment, probably one of the funniest evenings on TV. Last years show (2006) was the best (worst) ever, and the winners really stood out, the Sisters Tolmachevy were like some kind of Frankenstein's monster freak show - the Samanda Twins meets Mothercare.

And here they are, Masha and Nastya Tolmachevy from Russia with their song "Vesenniy jazz" ("Spring Jazz"). (Popplastic Warning - This song should be consumed with the utmost care)

Sisters Tolmachevy - Veseniy Jaz

That said in 2004 the UK delivered a truly outstanding performance and song (Cory Spedding - The Best Is Yet To Come) achieving results streets ahead of anything we've managed at the real thing.

Cory Spedding - The Best Is Yet To Come (2004)

12 points to Cory from the judges at PP Towers . . .

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