Sunday, December 23, 2007


It's that time of year again!

The season is upon us!

Yes, it's the beginning of the Eurovision season. We opened the first door on our "Eurovision Calender" today, we got a chocolate Shirley Clamp giving the baby Carola a golden wind machine! Tomorrow's has got a Kikki Danielsson giving her Eurovision bells a ding ding!

Only 151 shopping days til the big day!

The season's got off to a roaring start already. Only two doors open, the Albanian door and Andorran door and both countries have selected surprisingly good songs.

Eurovision 2008 Albania | Olta Boka - Zemren e lame peng

Olta Boka, is clearly chuffed to bits to be representing her country at Eurovision 2008, though she is clearly vexed by her lack of suitable attire and will no doubt be beating a path to Tirana's H&M! Lovely song - Well done Albania!

EUROVISION 2008 Andorra | Gisela - Casanova

Gisela will also be making a much needed trip to H&M, that sort of liberal dress code may well be acceptable in Andorra but Belgrade is an altogether different story, the Serbs aren't known for their inclusiveness, just ask their neighbours!

12 points to Andorra though from Popplastic, what a fantastic song!

Where the popplastic is Andorra anyway . . .

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