Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Sometimes when you're not giving the charts your fullest attention a song just passes you by. You didn't know it was released, you've never heard of it, then suddenly you hear and it's already old news (what you might call an, A1 - "Caught in the Middle" moment).

Aly and Aj's "Potential Breakup Song" is a case in point, never heard of them, never heard of the song, then suddenly it pops up on "The Hits"!

"Potential Breakup Song" was written by American teen pop duo Aly & AJ. It was the first single from their third studio album (THIRD!), Insomniatic. Apparently it was massively successful in the summer 2007, and was Aly & AJ's most successful single to date. How come it passed us by at PP Towers, there's always one! Shame on Popplastic . . .

Aly and Aj's - Potential Breakup Song


Want your stuff back . . .

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