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We just can't get enough of the X-Factor winner here at Popplastic Towers!

Leon, the interview!

Congratulations on winning. Are you still in a state of shock or has it started to sink in yet?
Thank you. I’m slowly but surely starting to digest it.

You worked with both of the Minogues, how did working with Kylie compare to working with Dannii?
I worked with Dannii on a more personal level because she’s been my mentor throughout the series and I just worked with Kylie on the one performance. It was great to work with both of them.

If you had to be stuck on a desert island for a week with either Rhydian or Same Difference, which of them would you choose and why?
Same Difference because they would keep me from going insane – even on a desert island they’d probably be happy.

Were there any contestants you really bonded with during the series and any that you didn’t gel with?
I’d say Andy Williams was my best friend on the show. I got on with everybody – it was brilliant.

You’ve just signed a million-pound recording contract – what’s the first thing you are going to buy for yourself?
I haven’t thought that far ahead but I always said I’d look after my mum first so I’m going to get her a car and will then probably treat myself to a car.

How will you be celebrating Christmas?
I’ll be back home spending time with my family and having a nice meal.

What advice would you give for someone who’s going to enter The X Factor next year?
Just go for it and you never know what can happen. So long as you work hard you never know what you can achieve.

If you could choose anyone to sing a duet with who would it be?
Probably Jamie Cullum. I would love to work with him or Paolo Nutini.

We’ve had some marriage proposals for you. Have you got any romance in your life at the moment?
(Laughs) No, not at all. I don’t think I’m ready to settle down just yet.

Is it true that you borrowed Marti Pellow’s microphone for the final for good luck?
No, there was some speculation about that in the media but it wasn’t true. I never knew anything about that. I did meet him though on the set of The Xtra Factor a few weeks ago.

What are the judges like backstage? Do they have any bad habits?
Not that I know of. Backstage they tend to stick to their dressing rooms. All the judges are lovely.

Have you any backstage gossip? Is there anything going on between Simon and Dannii?
Not that I’ve seen. I don’t know.

Are you going to follow in Leona’s footsteps and take some time out to record your album?
Obviously that’s not just my decision to make but I think if I take more time to record it I will produce a better quality album.

Do you think you will go down the ‘swing’ route with your music?
I think we’re looking at doing some original songs – I’ve got different aspects to my voice that you might not have seen because we had to sing songs that would appeal to the ITV1 audience. I really like the style of James Morrison’s music – I’d be interested in doing something like that.

It looks like you are going to be Christmas number one – what’s your all-time favourite Christmas number one?
White Christmas

How does it feel to put your town Whitburn on the map?
It’s just fantastic. It’s such a small village and I’m proud to say that I come from there and that I’ve done them proud.

What was your scariest moment on The X Factor?
The first live show.

And did it get easier as the weeks went on?
Definitely. Because I was doing it more often I became more confident at it.

What’s your favourite football team?
Glasgow Rangers.

Would you considering doing a gig with the MacDonald Brothers?
That would be good – just a couple of the boys from Scotland, yes.

How do you think you will cope with your new-found fame?
I’m going to try and lap up every minute of it and enjoy myself but it’s going to take some getting used to.

There’s been a lot of speculation about problems with the voting lines during the final – what do you think about that?
Things like voting are out of my hands. I just did my best on the night and hope I’ve done everyone proud.

What are your immediate plans for the next few weeks?
I’ll be concentrating on promoting the single and then will be working on the album in the New Year. I’m also on The X Factor tour in February and March.

Leon, the nicest man in pop!

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