Sunday, December 16, 2007


Leon for Christmas Number 1!

Popplastic are proud to be supporting X-Factor 2007 winner Leon, and we're planning on buying Leon's debut single, "When You Believe", an amazing rendition of the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston classic.

Watch Leon . . .

Leon Jackson - When You believe

Click here to listen to a clip of Leon's "When you believe", or activate the widget below!

Check out Leon's website and buy his debut single "When You Believe" online. Or download it from itunes.

Check out Leon's fansite and find out more about him on Wikipedia.

When you believe . . .


Anonymous said...

I downloaded as soon as i could.. Have been playing nothing else but this all week! love it, tho was hoping for the high end he did on the show.. but oh man it doesnt really matter coz it's a beautiful song!! And I believe in christmas!!! To knock Leona off is something else!.. Adore this song too!

Anonymous said...

please can i have the file or the link for fre please i love him

popplastic said...

which link/file do you want? Yea he is great!

Anonymous said...

All things come to those who wait.