Saturday, November 17, 2007


Sometimes you hear a tune and just think it's a piece of incidental music but it turns out to be a proper track! Bonus!

This is the story of Popcorn!

A 1999 Superdrug commercial featured a really upbeat popy tune which went down well at PP Towers and YES it turned out to be a proper track - POPCORN! (Thank you AndyPop)

"Popcorn" is a famous early synthpop instrumental. Composed by Gershon Kingsley in 1969 for his album Music to Moog By. He recorded it again in 1971 (and why not) for his new band the First Moog Quartet (was there a second). The most famous early version was recorded in 1972 by "Hot Butter" which included Stan Free, one of the original Mog Quartet members and was the first electronic based track to chart in the USA. Since then there have been over 500 cover versions of Popcorn and the track also featured as the background music in the 1982 arcade game Pengo. What a font of knowledge we are here at PP Towers!

It even has a website dedicated to - Popcorn

Here's a couple of recent cover versions. Perhaps the best version ever has to be Marsheaux's, it's just . . . popcorn!

Marsheaux - Popcorn

and there was the Crazy Frog's unforgivable version . . .

Crazy Frog - Popcorn

Listen to the original and other versions here

Once you pop you can't stop . . .

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