Saturday, November 24, 2007




It's official, Popplastic are proud to be supporting "Same Difference" in X Factor 2007 and we will be supporting them all the way to the final!

Here's why!

OMG! This is where we were going to feature their amazing covers of Reach, Tragedy, and the Scissor Sisters "I Don't feel Like Dancin'", but none of these seem to be on YouTube, it's a conspiracy!

Here's one the we found . . .

Breaking Free - High School Musical

Check out Same Difference on the X Factor website.

Or if you want to date Sean click here!

"Same Difference"

Purveyors of fine music

to Popplastic

Support "Same Difference" call

0901 61 61 102

Whatever happened to 2 to Go . . .

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