Sunday, April 29, 2007



Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Malta and France!

How could Popplastic have missed such pop gems amongst the 2007 Eurovision entrants.

How remiss!

Popplastic have been sentenced to 50 hours on the exercise bikes powering Carola's wind machine by the Pop Court for neglecting our fiduciary duties to the world of pop! It would have been 100 hours but we didn't mention we also liked the Turkish song shhhhhh!

Check them out . . .

Cyprus | Evridiki - çomme ci comme ça

Romania | Todomondo - Liubi liubi, I love you

Greece | Sarbel - Yiasou Maria

Malta | Olivia Lewis - Vertigo

France has to be Popplastic's new favourite of 2007, until the next one!

France | Les Fatals Picards - L'amour à la Française

Back to the wind machine, she wants Gale Force 10. . .

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