Tuesday, April 10, 2007

09/04/07 G-DAY . . . THE WAIT IS OVER!

We at Popplastic Towers can hardly contain ourselves - Yes G-Day finally arrived! Gareth's much awaited new single was officially released yesterday. After spending most of yesterday under heavy sedation due to the excitement and anticipation of the impending release we raced to our nearest branch of HMV (other CD stores are available) to snap up our copy. After queueing for what seemed like hours we sprinted back to PP Towers where "Changes" has been on repeat ever since!

TV Advert for "Changes"

It's gotta be Number 1!

Gareth Gates - Changes

Welcome back Gareth . . .


londonboy79 said...

I personally would like to pay tribute to Gareth's now-deceased hair spikes. May they rest in peace.

Somehow I don't think the media will allow him to succeed with his new, more-mature image.

Poster Girl said...

I've gone from hoping for a top 10/20 to a top 40.

Apparently, there's a song on the album called "Electric"--that's got to be something upbeat and danceable, right? (Though he does a good ballad, too.)

londonboy79 said...

The thing is, I think he wants to move in a less danceable pop direction. Which is probably not what his fans want, and so he'll need to acquire a new fanbase... which i think is unlikely :(

popplastic said...

But we still love a bit of the Gates!