Friday, April 20, 2007


Regina Lund of "Rainbow Star" fame and Popplastic's stand out Melodifestivalete of 2007 takes time out of her busy schedule to talk exclusively to Popplastic about herself, the song, Fredrik Kempe and those red gloves!

PP: Regina - Welcome to Popplastic Towers!

PP: Can we start by saying how much we loved Rainbow Star! It is a fabulous anthem. It was clearly Popplastic's stand out song from this years Melodifestival!

PP: How was your Melodifestival experience?

RL: It was a long Rainbow Star War!!! I loved it and it was fun rehearsing but I caught a really bad cold I had to battle with and a fever and I lost my voice when the day came... The Universe had another plan for me I guess... maybe for the Rainbow Star to live on in another world other than the Melody Grand Prix!! The Universe wanted me to go to Berlin and make a movie instead of winning that day... but I won a great deal of rich experiences, new fans and I now get to keep on spreading my message of love, hope and courage in all the ways I long for. Rainbow Star will have a long life. The Rainbow Star War has just begun!!!

PP: What was the atmosphere like backstage?

RL: I rehearsed with my dancers mostly and tried to cure my horrible cold that I unfortunately caught so I was very much in my own bubble... dancing with my dancers in our cool white Rainbow Star suits.

PP: Any gossip - there must have been some bitching!!! who was the worst!!!

RL: I try not to take in gossip!!! It´s not good for your health!!! That is the message in my Rainbow Star lyrics amongst other things; not to speak badly of others... so please stop talking ABOUT people , speak WITH them instead, that´s more fun, and more respectful!!! I think anyone who has ever been bullied or talked about in a bad way knows how it hurts. False rumours and gossip can hurt the heart of your fellow human beings more than you think... you are needed as a friend and your love is needed, I mean, It´s not like we have too much love in this world, we have far too little so spread the love, my friends. My dear fellow Rainbow Stars!!!Go where the love is... people need other people... people need you to play the lead in your own life and be good to yourself and others... cause you´re the Rainbow Star!!! And you are love!!!!

PP: What do you think of The Ark? - Can it win?

RL: I wish The Ark all the love in the world and all the success and happiness there is.. .and more. I hope they win if that is what they long for.

PP: How did the collaboration with Fredrik Kempe come about?

RL: I wrote a Rainbow Star manifesto , or a couple actually, painted the song on a big piece of paper, how I wanted it to be, told Bobby Ljunggren and Dan Sundgvist of my visions for the Rainbow Star song and wrote some Rainbow Star lyrics. Then Bobby Ljunggren came up with the music and then Fredrik Kempe came into the picture and gave it his magic touch and finalized it.

PP: What was it like working with the legendary Fredrik Kempe?

RL: He is such a sweet man and a beautiful soul with a big heart and a great smile... and a fantastic voice!!! It was wonderful working with him, he´s the kind of person that grows on you. He becomes more beautiful from each time you meet him.

PP: We loved the red gloves! - What were the gloves all about?

RL: Rainbow Star love!!! I wanted to have a Rainbow Star outfit that was unisex and unique. I´ve always loved overalls of all kinds so I wanted to create a new kind of overall in white because white reflects all the colours of the rainbow and red because it´s the colour of love and passion. I didn´t want the traditional short skirt, naked legs, sexy look. I wanted the message to come through without sex but with love and heart and I wanted to create a special sign language for Rainbow Star. Like a secret code visual for everybody who wants to receive the message; "You´re perfect just the way you are!!!" "You play the lead in your own life and you´re the great superstar!!!". I wanted the red gloves, the hands, to frame that message and for the choreography to come across with that loving message. A universal love message. The gloves where the framing for that love.

PP: As soon as we heard the song we thought "official song for Stockholm Pride 2007" is that a possibility?

RL: That would be great!!

PP: What have you been up to since Melodifestival?

RL: I have been filming the part as the singer "Una" in the international movie "Gellert" (Grand Hotel Pictures) directed by Ayassi in Berlin.

PP:Do you have any plans to come back to Melodifestival again?

RL: The future will tell!

PP: Do you have any messages for all your Rainbow Stars out there?

RL: You are perfect just the way you are!! Don´t let anybody or anything bring you down!! You are perfect!! You deserve the best and you deserve to be loved for who you are, just exactly the way that you are!!!!!! Keep shining and I love you!!!

PP: Lastly what's your favourite popsite - The one you just couldn't live without?

RL: The Popplastics are my favourite Rainbow Star Warriors out there!!!!

Thank you Regina - We love you!

What a song and what a performance . . .

Regina Lund - Rainbow Star

Don't let them take your life. Don't let them win this fight. Don't let them change your ways and take the smile of your face. 'Cause you are, 'cause you are what you are A Shining Rainbow Star . . .


Adrian said...


She's delightfully bonkers. I think I'm a Rainbow Warrior, although the image of 'warrior' is somewhat at odds with the love-all sentiment...

Melodimen said...

Regina is a true rainbow star!

Shame her cold stopped her getting to the Globen.

We loved her performance in Goteborg!