Monday, May 18, 2009


One of our American readers (we'll call him Nomad), or should that read, our American reader (singular) commented on a recent Alexander Rybak post, commenting that he bore a resemblance to Kris Allen, a current finalist in the latest series of American Idol.

We thought we'd check him out!

It's certainly not a case of separated at birth but I guess they do look kind of similar, however no one could ever compete with our Alexander's amazing eyebrows!

We were more interested in discovering Kris Allen's musical abilities and after a bit of googling and YouTubing him we were left feeling quite impressed by our Alexander's looky likey.

Here's our favourite Kris Allen YouTube track we stumbled upon...

Kris Allen-Falling Slowly

Popplastic is supporting Kris Allen in American Idol 2009 (but he is the only contestant we're aware of!) . . .

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