Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tuesday night = Semi-final 3 night!!!

Tonight's line up includes:

Harmony - singers
Floral highnotes - singer and floral display
Ben and Becky - dancers
MD Showgroup - Dance group
The Barrow Boys - wheelbarrow dance act
Stavros Flatly - dancers
Shaheen Jafagholi - singer
Kayode Oresanya - Human saxophone

Susan Boyle, Flawless, Sean Smith and Diversity are all safely through to Saturday nights final.

So who's going to go through tonight???

It doesn't really matter who gets through the semis cause everyone knows Susan Boyle's going to win!


Vote Susan Boyle . . .


Anonymous said...

Stavros and Shaheen to go through tonight

Malaysian said...

I am from malaysia currently following BGT. Unfortunately its not aired in malaysia yet. Got to broadcast myself thru youtube. I hope hollie steel or aidan davis or shaheen jafargholi would make it to final and win BGT 2009, really hope hollie performs well. To me Susan boyle didnt perform well during the first 1 minute of her performance. Some sorta outpitched. Luckily she got over advertised through media, making votes her privillege.

aemon said...

I don't think so .. Shaheen is also good talent..
Shaheen will be win at Final..

Anonymous said...

everybody really knows that flawless are gonna win there routines are amazing,
also they are what britan are lookin for young tallent not the older generation.

Anonymous said...

I think that shaheen will win hes much much more talented than susan he can control his voice alot more

Anonymous said...

No sane music industry producer will invest money in a 12-year old, whose voice is just about to break.

Come puberty, say goodbye to your angel voice.