Wednesday, October 24, 2007


OMG! What a pop-a-shocka! While recently tuning into Popplastic's official radio station RADIO SKONTO, we were horrified to discover that Radio Skonto had obviously undergone some type of a make-over, they had clearly made some alterations to their previously very unique playlist, what's more they had attempted to introduce an element of credible music. Listen up Radio Skonto - "If it's not broken . . . .

However after about ten minutes of listening we were very much relieved to discover that they were still playing the old hits, in fact we were particularly pleased to see the introduction of some new top popplastic hits including the No Mercy hit "Where Do You Go" and Shakespears Sister's "Hello".

Keep up the good work Radio Skonto!

Shakespear's Sister - Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

No Mercy - Where Do You Go

Our close shave with radio disappointment highlighted our lack of a back-up radio station so after much surfing of the online radio waves we were more than ecstatic to discover Svenska Favoriter! Within 5 minutes we'd already heard Shirley Clamp's Att älska dig and Magnus Carlsson's Live Forever.

Watch out Skonto you've got competition!

Magnus Carlsson - Live forever

Hello, hello turn your radio on . . .

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