Friday, October 19, 2007


Yah SU - Popplastic's gone all Greek! and we've fallen in love with Despina Vandi. After a chance encounter and an ace discovery Popplastic are starting the "Despina for Belgrade 2008 (for Greece) Campaign" And she does apparently have some tenuous Eurovision link, we're just not sure what - answers on a postcard!

Popplastic's top Despina track has to be Ela!

Despina Vandi - Ela

It's got a bit of the Tales of the Unexpected about it!

Despina's biggest global success came with the song "Gia" topping the US Billboard Dance Charts and the UK Dance Charts.

Despina Vandi - Gia

In 2004 Despina sang the official Coca-Cola Olympic Sponsorship Song - Come Along Now.

Despina - Come Along Now

It just isn't possible to mention Greece and Eurovision with out playing Anna Vissi's "Everything" - Popplastic's winner for 2006!

Anna Vissi - Everything

Check out Despoina!

Popplastic's off to smash some plates . . .

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