Friday, October 26, 2007


Inspired by our love of the recent Vodafone commercial or should that read the music to the Vodafone commercial - Nancy Sinatra's "The End of The Rainbow". We at Popplastic Towers set about compiling a list of some of our favourite ad's (ad's with the best music). So many to choose from . . .

Vodafone (Nancy Sinatra - At The End of A rainbow)

Currently on our screens and getting a massive amount of online interest the current Vodafone ad from the "Time Theft - Make The Most of Now" campaign features Nancy Sinatra's "The End of The Rainbow".

Comfort Creme (Carla Thomas - Comfort Me)

From Comfort Creme's "Do the Moves" campaign, Carla Thomas's "Comfort Me" is available to download from itunes!

Ariston - And On And Ariston

The 1987 Ariston ad (And on, and on, and Ariston) so good we featured the full 2m 30 version. The Ariston ad is apparently loosely based on a piece called Tango by Zbignew Rybzinski.

Ferrero Rocher 2006 (Cilla Black - Something Tells Me)

Surprise Surprise it was Cilla's "Something Tells Me" (Something's Going To Happen) as covered by Emma Bunton that was used by Ferrero Rocher in their 2006 Christmas campaign!

T-Mobile (Röyksopp - So Easy)

Finally T-Mobile's Baby Face campaign of 2002 featured Röyksopp's "So Easy"

And on, and on and . . .

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