Saturday, February 5, 2011


Melodifestivalen Semi Final 1 Night!

Here's tonight's line up.

And the winner is, Jenny Silver - Something in your eyes! It has to be!

1. Dilba - Try again (Niklas Pettersson, Linda Sonnvik)
2. Swingfly - Me and my drum (Johan Ramström, Patrik Magnusson, Teron Beal, Swingfly)
3. Jenny Silver - Something in your eyes (Erik Bernholm, Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson)
4. Jonas Matsson - On my own (Sari Autio Olsson, Peter Autio)
5. Le Kid - Oh my God (Märta Grauers, Anton Malmborg Hård af Segerstad, Felix Persson)
6. Rasmus Viberg - Social butterfly (Amir Aly, Henrik Wikström)
7. Pernilla Andersson - Desperados (Pernilla Andersson)
8. Danny - In the club (Figge Boström, Peter Boström, Danny Saucedo)

Click here to listen!

There's something in your eyes, something in your smile ...


Joe said...

Shame she's gone to AC. Here's hoping she gets through! xx

Branko said...

This should be the winner in Dusseldorf! Is there any place you can buy the CD?

popplastic said...

It'll be on the Melodifestivalen cd