Sunday, September 28, 2008


OMG! How exciting!!!!

Enya is releasing a new album!!!!

The album (Enya's seventh studio album), And Winter Came is released November 10th, the first single to be taken from the album is to be Trains and Winter Rains.

Although the album had started out as a Christmas project as it began to take shape a broader seasonal theme soon became apparent. "I always wanted to do a Christmas album" explains Enya "but as we began recording I didn't feel it was right to impose a Christmas theme on certain songs." There is a new version of "Oiche Chiuin" (Silent Night) on the album. Nicky Ryan describes the new rendering as 'a choir of one'. "This is something I have wanted to do since Watermark" says Nicky "In fact I had wanted to call Watermark "A choir of one." I'm really happy that we have achieved the "choir" with "Oiche Chiuin (chorale)".

Track Listing:

1. And Winter Came
2. Journey of the Angels
3. White is in the winter night
4. O come, O come, Emmanuel
5. Trains and winter rains
6. Dreams are more precious
7. Last time by moonlight
8. One toy soldier
9. Stars and midnight blue
10. The spirit of Christmas past
11. My! My! Time flies!
12. Oiche Chiuin (chorale)

Popplastic LOVES Enya . . .

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Anonymous said...

It's really really exciting enya makes new album!!!But i'm pessimistic she'll sing upbeat gothic/dark s0ngs in awc..