Friday, August 15, 2008


Wellard pops her clogs!

Eastenders superdog Wellard has breathed her last breath. After 14 years on the soap Wellard passed away earlier this evening. Bianca Jackson was forced to take Wellard to the vet after Whitney found her unconscious on the floor of their house. The vet told her "she's dying and will had to be put down".

Wellard at his best

Wellard's final moments on earth were accompanied by East17's Stay Another Day. Tears were shed at Popplastic Towers. A fitting tribute, a number 1 song for a number 1 dog!

East 17 - Stay Another Day

R.I.P Wellard (Oct 1994 - Aug 2008) . . .

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Schlagerprick said...

If that was my carpet, the dog wouldn't have survived this long, let me tell you now.