Friday, August 1, 2008


We at Popplastic are voicing our support for katie Price!

Official Katie Price aka Jordan Myspace

Katie Price was excluded from the Cartier International Polo event last weekend. More than 35,000 people attended the event but Katie was told she was unwelcome.

Katie described her exclusion from the Polo event as “pure snobbery”. In a blog Price said: "So the Cartier Polo International was happy to invite a man convicted of assault on an elderly couple, dozens of aristocrats and an assortment of would-be actresses in minuscule dresses. But it wouldn't have me." She said: "Unless you're a toff or a wannabe actress, organisers don't want to know."

Katie, we couldn't agree with you more and are proud to support you!

Lets have a bit of Katie and Peter . . .

Katie & Peter - A Whole New World

Katie we love you . . .

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