Saturday, February 16, 2008


It has to be said that Melodifestivalen 2008 just isn't hitting the mark!

This years list of entrants reads like the who's who of Swedish pop but the songs just aren't up to scratch (in the main).

We've had, Sanna Nielsen with Empty room, Andreas Johnson and Carola with One love, Amy Diamond with Thank You, and E-Type and The Poodles with Line of Fire. With the exception of Sanna the rest could at best be described as "B side material". Even Sanna's 2008 effort is hardly what you'd call Vågar du, vågar jag!

The one stand out exception this year so far has been Rongedal's Just a Minute, it's a kind of Scissor sisteresque number and is Popplastic's top MF track of the year so far.

Rongedal - Just a Minute

So it's fingers crossed Linda Bengtzing and BWO deliver the goods . . .

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