Friday, February 29, 2008


It's more a case of Eurovision, Popplastic's Decision, or to be more precise Eurovision, Popplastic's Celebrity Panel's Decision!!!

So who's on the panel?

The one and only, Nicki French, David Ducasse (Scooch) and of course Popplastic!

So what's the panel's verdict on the 6 entrants?

Michelle Gayle - Woo, U Make Me

Nicki - SOOOO repetitive, and I’m not sure it’ll work on the night. I’d like to have heard a verse, to know what the rest of the song is like.

David - I really like Michelle's voice. I'm not too sure if this showcases her full potential but it's catchy. I know Morten (he co-wrote Flying The Flag) and Rashelle who wrote it so I'm a little biased!

Popplastic - We're loving this, the wooos are fabulous!

Rob McVeigh - Owe It All To You

Nicki - ok but bland. Instantly forgettable from the clip I heard. Certainly I can’t imagine the rest of Europe going for it.

David - This is a nice vocal, and I'll be interested to hear how he performs it on the show. I think it's a very safe song. I'd probably prefer something a little more up tempo, but that's just my taste and thoughts on a 'Eusrovision' song.

Popplastic - Another good song, it's got a bit of the Westlife about it!

Simona Armstrong - Changes

Nicki - She sounds like she’s on helium! That is a VERY high song – and quite irritating if I’m honest.

David - This sounds like the kind of song you'd expect to hear from other another qualifying country. The vocal reminds me of the LOLLY? From the clip I heard it sounds quite quirky.

Popplastic - We agree we David, it's quirky but in a good way.

LoveShy - Mr Gorgeous

Nicki – Very ‘Girls Aloud’ in sound. Let’s hope they can sing better live!

David - This song is good - definitely the kind of music I enjoy. It sounds like a Girls Aloud/Jamelia song. It's quite catchy and I'd assume will be one of the more visual performances on the night, not sure how great it will sound live though?

Popplastic - It is very Girls Aloud, but doesn't really go anywhere.

Andy Abraham - Even If

Nicki - This is a good feelgood song, and quite lively. It’s quite laid-back though, and I’m not sure it’s hard-hitting enough for the European audience. It might get lost in amongst stronger tunes.

David - Andy has a great voice, and the song is catchy too. If we were going to send a soloist this year I definitely think Andy would give a great vocal. This is probably my favourite of all the solo entries.

Popplastic - Sorry to disagree but it's dull, dull, dull!

The Revelations - It's You

Nicki - I imagine this will come with some sort of quirky choreography, involving lots of arm movements (like Scooch before them)! Definitely the brightest sounding song, and catchy. If they can perform well on the live Final, I think this could be going to Belgrade!

David - Again this sounds quite quirky. It reminds me of a familiar sound..maybe ABBA? I'm not sure if this may be a little dated for the competition.

Popplastic - Fabulous, it's got a 60'd kind of thing going on, really catchy.

So who's going to win, final comments . . .

Nicki - If the Revelations perform well on the live Final, I think this could be going to Belgrade!

David - Andy or Michelle are the safest of the entrants I think..who knows though! We never thought we'd be chosen! Anything can happen.

Popplastic - Oooo, it's got to be the Revelations!!!!! or maybe Michelle or Rob or Simona or . . . .

To listen to previews of all six entries click here!

Eurovision - Your decision . . .


Anonymous said...

I have listened them all now, and i have to say that I think that "The revelations" are our best bet out of all the songs. Definately the right sound for Europe. That is what the voters have to bear in mind, it's a song for europe :)
Vote " The Revelations"

Shiv said...

I agree " Go for the Revelations"

Anonymous said...

Me Too "The Revelations" other songs just don't cut it