Sunday, May 13, 2007


Serbia win Eurovision 2007

She's got the look! - Just not quite sure what look she's trying to pull off!!!

Apparently it's the much in vogue "Wee Jimmy Crankie look" - it's so 2007! Surely that must be against the rules of the European Broadcasting Union!

Obviously a simple "key change" is just SO last year, all you need to win now is a bit of mass genocide to guarantee all your neighbours vote for you, well you wouldn't dare not!

It's actually a very pleasant song, a very traditional ballad. Didn't appear anywhere on the Popplastic radar though! OMG - maybe we're SO last year!

Serbia | Eurovision 2007 Winner, Molitva - Marija Serifovic

Popplastic have discovered why we keep on having to replace members of the Sugar Babes! - The Russians have been secretly stealing members of the band in order to put together their own version!

Serebro - Song number one (Eurovision 2007-Russia)

and then all of a sudden Ray Quinn pops up singing for Germany!

Eurovision 2007 Germany - Roger Cicero

Who said Big Band was shi* - oh we did!

Yah - Belgrade 2008 . . .

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