Sunday, March 22, 2009


Dark days for pop!

Leon Jackson has been officially dropped by his record label.

The 2007 X Factor winner, whose debut album Right Now failed to make it to No 1 last year was dropped by his label Sony this week.

Polplastic's favourite X-Factor winner was quoted as saying he had "a great year and learned so much". "Every artist knows these things can go either way," he added.

The Sun claimed X Factor judge Simon Cowell didn't think Leon should've beaten runner-up Rhydian Roberts.

Well, Popplastic think that perhaps Simon Cowell should have promoted Leon's fantastic album! We loved it!!!

Here's Leon's amazing Stargazing...

We're not even sure if Cowell bothered to release it.

Leon Jackson - Stargazing

Popplastic love Leon Jackson!!!!

We're dropping Simon Cowell . . .

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