Saturday, November 1, 2008


For those of you who have endured and survived a Ryanair flight perhaps the most traumatising part of the entire experience has to be the in-flight music.

To add insult to injury Ryanair have teamed up with a fictional all singing, all dancing superhero fly called Mr. Superfly and between them they're hoping his debut single The Buzz, (inspired by the annoying in-flight music), reaches number 1 in the charts.

Paddy Power are tipping Mr. Superfly and The Buzz to go straight to the top of the UK charts. The single is released on Monday 10th November.

It's also a favourite to be this years Christmas number 1.

Here it is...

Mr Superfly - The Buzz

Download it here, not that you'd want to!

In the event of an emergency please put a Euro in the panel above your head and an oxygen mask will appear!

I despair of Ryanair . . .

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