Monday, March 3, 2008


Following the calamitous events of Saturday night and the sham that was Eurovision, Your Decision (but who's decision was it), Popplastic were lucky enough to catch up with The Revelations!!!

Here's what happened when Popplastic got chatting with The Revelations . . .

PP: Welcome to Popplastic Towers!

R: Hello! Hello! Hello!

PP: Can we start by saying how thoroughly disappointed we were that you didn't get through on Saturday night.

R: Ahhh, Thank-you.

PP: How do you feel after the event?

R: Amazing, we felt we did really well, we were the only act who had never performed on live TV before, and the only act with no help from backing singers or dancers. It was so nice when the crowd cheered through-out our performance and of course at the end of the song.

PP: Absolutely, it really went down well and got a great reception!

PP: We know a lot of the fans weren't pleased about the new format and feel that it was a bit of a fix (the way that Terry chose one of the songs as a wild card, a song that nobody believes he would have actually picked himself without some kind of editorial interference). What did you think of the shows format?

R: It's all about Entertainment isn't it! It's really hard for the acts, although we were extremely happy to get through the first round, we felt bad for LoveShy when we got both votes from the judges.

PP: Do you think it would have been fairer to just let all six entrants go to the public vote?

R: Fairer yes, but it wouldn't be so entertaining for the viewers.

PP: How was it as an experience?

R: Amazing. It all seems quite unreal. Its so nice to be so appreciated by the crowd, and we've had so many lovely messages since the event.

PP: What was the atmosphere like backstage? Was it handbags at dawn, dish the dirt, any revelations!!!

R: There was a bit of tension although on the surface everybody was friendly. It was great to meet Terry Wogan, who we thanked for playing our singles and he said it was a pleasure! John Barrowman apologized to us for his nasty comment, but we forgave him as he still put us through!

PP: How did you get involved in the Eurovision Project?

R: The BBC asked us to do it after hearing our single 'If I called You On The Telephone' they thought we had the right sound for the Eurovision.

PP: What was your favourite? (apart from your own!)

R: Andy's our personal favourite, its got a great feel, although we don't know how well it'll go down in the contest.

PP: Yours is a great song, and it's getting a lot of online attention, do you have any plans to release the track?

R: Definately! Keep an eye on our myspace page for updates!

PP: What other plans are in the pipeline for the Revelations?

R: We are making plans for the future now. Hopefully we'll be doing lots of gigging!

PP: Thanks girls, we loved the song and we're gutted it didn't make it through!

R: Thank-you very much.

PP: Finally what's your top pop website!

R: Popplastic is a revelation!

PP: Aw, thank you're the best!!!

Here's the girls in action . . .

The Revelations - It's You

The Revelations, what a revelation . . .

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Schlagerprick said...

I think the girls should record a song based on the Bible book of the same name...

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemyyy... if you STOP! Then you would seeeee..."

Keep that in mind, girls... ;)