Wednesday, February 28, 2007


WOW! - Check this out!

Love is Alive - Duke and the Aces

A classic entry from the UK's 1980 A Song for Europe.

How on earth did this not win? It has everything, head turns, hand claps, chime bars and fantastic constumes. Not to mention some of the finest dance moves in pop history (all tried and tested in Glasgow's Polo Lounge).

Once you've watched you just gotta stand infront of the screen with your fingers on the FWD and RWD buttons getting those moves - especially 00:47 to 00:40.

Another great pop injustice - there must be laws on crimes against POP!

Happy Everything - Maggie Moon

Another classic pop injustice from 1980 - this didn't win either!

More of a swaying tune than Duke and the Aces stopming hit! Maggie Moone came equal first with Primadonna but lost on countback.

12 points to the Schlagerboys for bringing this to youtube!

Maggie Moone for MYMU 2007!

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